Weed is legal: This is how you grow marijuana at home

Marijuana. Weed. Pot. Cannabis.

Whatever you call it, it’s recreational use is now legal in Canada, and that means some provinces will allow for home grows.

But how do you grow pot?

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42 thoughts on “Weed is legal: This is how you grow marijuana at home”

  1. Shoukat Khan says:

    If Pakistani Here .
    Please Whatsapp Me
    03123771180 I want to Grow Weed Plant At My Home ..
    Any One Know How to Grow Please Contact me.

  2. Adnan Saltagić says:

    Thanks! Helped alot

  3. Riya Sissy says:

    if weed is legal.then ur video might not be Age restricted.

  4. Mike Randle says:

    I got my package right on time. Kudos to +12092642166 for being a reliable plug

  5. Junior Castellon says:

    They’re plants don’t look that healthy

  6. Lil Zee says:

    I can't wait for mine to sprout

  7. Amam deep Deep says:

    I India u don't need to grow ..it's every were

  8. T T says:

    0:30, seedling and……cutting that was quick

  9. PeaceLoveAndRico says:

    Why is it that I look at prison time when I want to grow 2 plants through a life cycle to harvest as medicine?

  10. Zane 2.0 says:

    Well, yesterday my dealer run out of his stash due to the lockdown, I guess I need to start growing myself

  11. shilpa komala says:

    The first thing where you ll get seeds

  12. Kez za says:

    Lol there’s 420 dislikes

  13. William Kabena says:


  14. 7mixture says:

    marijuana is legal in the u.s. in more than 40 state for recreation purpose & pharmaceutical purpose! they (Americans ) make pain killer using weed!

  15. Bowls with Magnets says:

    yeah Kentucky recently legalized medical. We getting closer. they realized they getting left behind. Cannabis is a great market!

  16. Globglogabgolab 2.0 says:

    Aaannnddd we're all on a list

  17. Acel M says:

    What he just say? Reading harmon?

  18. Benjamin miller says:

    All the times I got arrested for just having a dime bag on me, smh now its like an everyday thing

  19. Ace Gutierrez says:

    Im 19 year old

  20. Dank Swamp Rebellion says:

    Very well done and informative thank you very much

  21. Pankaj Pareek says:

    They wear sunglasses because they don't want you to see their eyes.

  22. Romeo Ridley says:

    Star Wars the clone wars except with the weed as the clones and government as the cis

  23. Hunnic Barbarian says:

    Hang your plants upside down when drying the plants for a week or 2. So that all the nutrients and good stuff get into the weed then its ready to chop the buds off and smoke

  24. Ansh Aherwar says:

    Homie sounds like he just had a joint 3:22

  25. AyyLEE says:

    I’ve gotten very bored in quarantine



  27. cloudsurfer ِ says:

    And kids that's how you make millions.

  28. Can I get to 1K sub please I’ll sub back says:

    My dream job free weed

  29. robynne grass says:

    Na cuz they dont have seeds to sell us so if u have four plants u can still go to jail

  30. robynne grass says:

    We have to by off the government and they dont have anything for sell no seeds or cuttings

  31. MitchWasHere says:

    Put the pot in a pot

  32. Black wolf 2 says:

    My father is American friend did this but he lived in Connecticut it wasn’t legal he got sent to prison and he got cancer in prison and then he got out of prison and then died three weeks later

  33. Iam_khalidis. Cannibas Garden says:

    i dont know abt some of yall but i feel like marijuana is the best thing thta has happened to mankind

  34. Jordan Benzer says:

    Life suck I got no weed like ya

  35. Hepo Slis says:

    16 hours of lighting cmon guys.
    All plants in the world are naturally tuned to the cycle of day and night.
    Even the longest day time in June solstice is about 12 hours.

  36. Sup Zzz says:

    Please support legalize marijuana in the Philippines

  37. Nicholas Bennett says:

    Not very informative? No time lengths or anything given

  38. Mekh Thapa says:


  39. Marta Born says:

    Some snips. Lmaooo scissors my guy

  40. h7 says:

    4:20 AM (eastern eu)

  41. WstYTGame says:

    Phillipines: Wait, Thats lllegal

  42. Dheeraj Sharma says:

    Govt should take strict actions against adulteration in weed.. Paddlers mix it with hazardous chemicals which is not cool.. I have no problem with pure and proper weed..just to get high with intoxicating stuff is not healthy for brain and body both.. Right to smoke healthy weed….

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