6ix9ine & J.I.D Albums, J. Cole and Dreamville Going on a Run in 2019? | Everyday Struggle

On Wednesday’s episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, DJ Akademiks and Wayno share their thoughts on two recently released albums this week—6ix9ine’s ‘Dummy Boy’ and J.I.D’s ‘DiCaprio 2.’ The crew breaks down the guest features and production on each of the projects and reveal their favorite tracks on the LPs. Shortly after discussing J.I.D’s latest effort, the squad talks about the Atlanta rapper’s Complex interview where he mentions Dreamville’s friendly competition with TDE. Following this topic, Ak goes through the weekly sales and Billboard numbers, which includes first week unit sales for Anderson .Paak’s ‘Oxnard’ and Mike Will Made It’s ‘Creed 2’ soundtrack. The crew then shifts their focus over to Meek Mill’s recent interview with Vulture, where the Philly spitter reveals that him and Drake have been cool since last year. To close out today’s episode, the trio answers a fan question regarding the EDS ‘On The Clock’ system and how it works.

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28 thoughts on “6ix9ine & J.I.D Albums, J. Cole and Dreamville Going on a Run in 2019? | Everyday Struggle”

  1. Johnathan Brandon says:

    Put some respect on Omen’s name from Dreamville ‼️

  2. Sven TheButcher says:

    This show garbage ASF for starting wit 69 album

  3. Datguydizz says:

    Ak look like mr potato head

  4. Datguydizz says:

    Nedeska said fuck being black lol

  5. Datguydizz says:

    And wayno look like he washes his face with sand paper and brushes his teeth with grenades

  6. RipsharkTV says:

    AK stupid lol

  7. NGD says:

    Don’t sleep on JID y’all. He’a on the way to legendary status

  8. Diego Troya says:

    Forgot about omen smh.

  9. davi says:

    He only listen to 69 or Drake and represent 'hip hop heads'? Ak has the music taste of a 16 y/o white girl lmfao

  10. Endless Media says:

    AK dickrides 69 so damn hard and tries to dismiss how amazing JID is bro cmon

  11. Ryan Torres says:

    Where does 69 get them dumb ass names for songs from? Sound like a baby tryna pronounce words

  12. Dominique Moring says:

    AK beating around the bush when asked about 69’s album smh. Non valid

  13. Black Jesus says:

    JID has the best album this year don’t at me. Absolutely no bad songs on that project.

  14. Young Eldon says:

    How tone deaf do you have to be to think 6ix9ines album was good

  15. •김정은 says:

    That nigga JID made AOTY No cap

  16. Hoops Not hate says:

    Wayno a hater

  17. jamahl thomas says:

    I hate Aks music taste but Nadeska is borderline biased and tries to force him into thinking a certain way! Let the man have his opinion, it is what it is. I don’t agree with him but I respect his opinion

  18. Proxclusiv says:

    Ak doesn’t care about the “music” he cares about what’s most “trending” peep game…

  19. Celso Dominguez says:

    Just came for Cole

  20. Phuc Dat Bich says:

    JID kinda cool? Yo, AK shouldnt be able to judge music, period

  21. doniver purse says:

    Ak a fucking dummy

  22. Kevin Hill says:

    Akademiks shouldn't be on this show get someone else of his elk to represent that side in hip hop brighter and advanced new school type. Smh

  23. Afromusic Entertainment says:

    Wayno Don't Like 69,,,Am Sorry for Wayno

  24. Naeem Clark says:

    2019 is Dreamville’s year #thetakeover

  25. desean Harts says:

    These niggas stupid af talking about JID album was ok smh

  26. kingskillx says:

    Wayno fucking oldhead

  27. Chris Armijo says:

    Ak is a retard.The donald trump of hip hop. Everything thats wrong with hip hop. SMH

  28. J JR says:

    JID > Tee Grizzly

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