Angela Mazzanti X Ganja Girls

Angela Mazzanti stopped by for a shoot last week with her crew 🙂
Music: Dusty – Savi Sound
Glass By: Empire Glass Works
24k Gold Blunt By: Shine Papers
Side Car Nail By: Hive Ceramics

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13 thoughts on “Angela Mazzanti X Ganja Girls”

  1. Akamikamii says:

    I really dig this nice music hot girl and smoking perfect.

  2. charles dorsey says:

    I diggin this and she fine as hell… and whats the name of this song?

  3. JointeL Beats says:


  4. unlucky levi says:

    ''i'm very aroused''

  5. Lox Chatterbox says:

    angela is my fav <3

  6. Lox Chatterbox says:

    I love all the girls tho 😀

  7. SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

    Idk how I stumbled across this. But Pauly likey!!!! LOL

  8. t1m says:


  9. Zac Butler says:

    Love these vids.

  10. Gautam N says:

    song name

  11. angel flores says:

    como se llama la cansion??

  12. 8T HARp says:

    Hey I know. Trust me I know other artists between…..SUICIDE GIRLS, GANJA GIRLS, PENT-BORN, PLAY-BETWEEN<<<<NOT IN A RUSH MDMA>>>>DEATH DIMPLE that tiger Lacroix DAMN I know…..

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