Ball basil herb growing kit review

This is a review of the Ball Basil herb growing kit. I purchased this in the canning section of WalMart. I also show a diy alternative growing system that you can make with a mason jar and three-inch net cup. There are time-lapse videos showing two stages of growth between the Ball mason jar basil herb growing kit and the diy mason jar growing system that I made.

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Products I use that are shown in the video:

Ball basil herb growing kit –
Sansi 40 watt grow light –
1-quart mason jar –
Coco Coir –
Microfiber cloth –
Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 –
3 inch net cups –

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7 thoughts on “Ball basil herb growing kit review”

  1. Doug Mate says:

    Cool experiment Peter.

  2. ttmmm2001 says:

    I'd like to see it redone with the same seeds. Do the Bell kit according to the instructions and do your DIY kit to the best of your ability and see if you can outperform it.
    Don't try to match the PPM or anything, just use your knowledge to blow the Bell kit out of the water.
    Still confused by the charcoal in the bell kit though.

  3. Happy Pepper says:

    Cool comparison, Peter! If Ball is going to sell that type of kit, they should better understand hydroponic gardening. A clear jar? Ball Co. fail. Keep the videos coming!

  4. Hermit Hydroponics says:

    thanks for the tip on the 3 inch net cup and the mason jar!

  5. Ann's Tiny Life says:

    That's the very first thing I tried when getting into hydroponics. Got the basil to grow really well!

  6. 7 Pot Club says:

    Great review Peter. I think this Ball kit is a great way for a novice to try hydroponic gardening.

  7. Jim Kingman says:

    Very cool, as always, my favorite is time lapse. Interesting comparison. I use the Dynagro for most inside hydroponics now. Works great in AeroGardens too. Thanks Peter.

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