Best New Music of the Week (WEEK 3) | Longley Music Mondays

The best new songs each week brought to you every Monday at 4:20pm EST.

This week’s list includes new songs from Blackbear, Shawn Mendes, Cousin Stizz ft. Offset, Mike Perry, and other new artists on their way to fame.

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8 thoughts on “Best New Music of the Week (WEEK 3) | Longley Music Mondays”

  1. Nicholas Tetreault says:

    Fuck yeah Blackbear is the shit. Great video bro

  2. Matt Blazze says:


  3. Ilegims99 says:

    Love this so much! so baked and loving all the songs

  4. Ivor Peeters says:


  5. Tylerix 196 says:

    Lil peep

  6. Hadyn Derossett says:

    I love his videos so much lol how does he not have more subs??

  7. Brimbo Brimski says:

    come back to us, daddy

  8. ??/??/???? says:

    Ayyyyyeee cousin stizz ma nigga

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