Bubba Kush by Weed Deals – Strain Review


For my 195th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Bubba Kush given to me by Weed Deals.

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During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and must only be used responsibly legally. I do not condone the illegal and irresponsible use of cannabis. This page is to help educate on cannabis and not to promote cannabis.

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14 thoughts on “Bubba Kush by Weed Deals – Strain Review”

  1. Emilio Arangio says:

    I saw you trying to keep it cool, bubba kush is no joke haha ✌️♥️

  2. Aubrey Bennetheun says:

    Damn I love bubba kush

  3. Jxhnny Dxran says:

    Use to weed song in your next video. https://youtu.be/sl9y5Ibi6vQ

  4. Paul W. says:

    I have to say, you're my new favorite youtuber. Please continue your great work and keep your wonderful positive attitude
    Best wishes from (currently still illegal) Germany

  5. Mikołaj Królik says:

    First, I'll buy an electric lighter, can you make a vid of OG Kush? And which of strains you recommend for lonely chilling with pack of Doritos? Love the vid btw ^ ^

  6. Jxrdxn says:

    Try some purple stardawg, blows your fucking head off

  7. Potato says:

    I love this dudes positivity

  8. Tjaš Kumer says:

    Why dont u backroll?

  9. Aurélien anthony Phillippe Bouhier says:

    Miamiame cool peace bubba kush man

  10. Aurélien anthony Phillippe Bouhier says:

    Number 4 gramer bubba kush french plizz discriptione

  11. Henderson Guy says:

    I bought Bubba Skunk several times while it was available here in Vegas. Very tasty & definitely squared me away. Spicy & earthy with some coffee tones. Produced a huge amount of smoke. Sounds like I need to try this Bubba strain.

  12. Samuel Morehead says:

    Yo Dude, loved your video. Thought you spoke it like a (How we said it back in the day) like a true pothead. Hope to run across more of your videos soon.

  13. Bob Marley says:

    He market better than some commercials I’ve seen.

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