Cannabis Sneak Peak – Episode 5

Our resident cannabis guru Amy Anonymous is in Vegas, baby! In Part One of this two-part special, Amy takes you to the conference, one of the biggest cannabis business shows in the world. She gives you the inside scoop on game-changing innovations, smokes some blunts, and looks for lizards in the desert. Plus, she ticks off an item from her bucket list…

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20 thoughts on “Cannabis Sneak Peak – Episode 5”

  1. Ivan Rus says:

    99% of iou ARE DOOMED, you SServe & SSponsor evil & own destruction in tax e-SS.

    Only Ron Paul 1% have brains 🙁 FUCK !

  2. saul Trinidad says:

    How are you doing baby mama lol I want to smoke sum

  3. John RoX says:

    She is the Guru!

  4. Richard Balser says:

    I want her so badly!!!

  5. Steve McQueen says:

    You guys need to get some show ideas off me…

    I have a sick mind :/

  6. Alana BananaCanada says:

    So… Weed makes you suck at journalism… Interesting

  7. x XDopeBoyy01X x says:

    These need to be longer

  8. Brandon Ruhl says:

    Literally no one cares lol

  9. Gzus Kreist says:

    oh look its that super ugly jewish bitch Norm Macdonald shit all over. OY VEY!

  10. Randy Lahey says:

    This has nothing to do with the boys. Who ever posted this working for swearnet is a FUCKING dick. And I should take your job

  11. SuperNova says:

    Show us your penis

  12. R!OT EARTH says:

    Where's Sam that greasy caveman?

  13. james gamble says:

    Can we get here on next season trailer park boys ????

  14. The J. DeWayne says:

    Part 1 of a 2 part special that is currently… episode 5.. js..fucking swear net

  15. Chris Mutimer says:

    Is this show any good? I don't have a SwearNet account yet because my fucking job doesn't pay me enough fucking money! Stupid fuckers!

  16. Made In Canada says:

    This is the worst shit y’all have besides the woman beater 1puglife on swearnet.

  17. Bull Ballz says:

    Is there a full episode????

  18. 77boondocksaint says:

    pissed you self bud

  19. Brandon Withers says:

    God i love living in canada. I can smoke when ever i want

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