Chance The Rapper – The Big Day – Album Review

For my 1161st review, I discuss the overlong and contentious independent “debut” album from Chance The Rapper.

Best Songs: ‘We Go High’, ‘The Big Day’, ‘Let’s Go On The Run’, ‘5 Year Plan’, ‘Town On A Hill’, ‘Do You Remember’
Worst Song: ‘Slide Around’


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Chance The Rapper – The Big Day – Hip-hop – Album Review

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27 thoughts on “Chance The Rapper – The Big Day – Album Review”

  1. Miniike says:

    these are the takes im living for

  2. Karanavtar Singh says:

    Hey buddy
    Could u plz review Iggy Azalea's new album "In My Defense"?

  3. Allan Jurgens says:

    Review Iggy Azeleas album

  4. dysperisenjoyinghimself. says:

    just in my opinion, it’s not horrible. and really i wanted to and felt like i should like it, and i still don’t know what about it turned me off so much. maybe it’s just as you said. i haven’t gotten into the stage in life where i can appreciate the album yet. so i think i might just come back to this years later when i’ve actually been to my first weeding… as i’m typing this i realized i said weeding and not wedding. let’s keep it that way. and maybe even get married then give my final thoughts on it. but as it is right now… NA/10, but also 4/10.

  5. FHornHero says:

    Why all the dislikes? Even though I didn’t enjoy this album, I wouldn’t criticize anyone who did. It’s not like he didn’t explain his reasoning either

  6. CKdine says:

    Unsubscribing after this one. This album is absolute garbage. It’s unlistenable

  7. Zombie Slaya says:

    69 dislikes

  8. Enrique Ganto says:

    “Chance yelling “fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it” was a better human meditation than IGOR and Titanic Rising were.”

    Mark Grondin – 2019.

  9. Fleezy81 says:

    This album is over-RATED

  10. Le Grand Boche says:

    Did you mistook this album with My First Album by Peppa Pig?

  11. João Couto says:

    If you think this is a better “honeymoon album” than Vampire Weekend’s Father of The Bride, then we are VERY different people

  12. franz morhart says:

    I'd recommend all my loved ones immediately buy Chance The Rappers much anticipated and accurately titled debut album, The Big Day, but it should have been even more accurately called, The Big Fucking Mess, because literally everything-EVERYTHING-about this album is horrendously awful and un-listenable, especially the many, many cringe bars delivered by Chance The Rapper himself…making it the perfect gift you can give to someone if you hate them, and want to watch them rip their ears off. 🙂

  13. Popping Clutch says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH A 7????? Your integrity is out the window

  14. jhammaster says:

    not a lot of times I agree but I do agree with review in this case

  15. BigCreepySleepy says:

    Cut the tracklist in half, and this album is actually fairly good

  16. Carl frederickson says:

    Hey I'm just wonderıng do you have a Shıny Voltorb?
    I caught one 🙂

  17. Jeff says:

    that song with Shawn Mendes "Ballin Flossin" is brutal loool

  18. MrsB055 says:

    "Ya'll rip on conservatives in hip hop when it's convenient and easy, yet go silent around it's rampant capitalism & toxic masculinity".

  19. miguel says:

    Fantano went too hard on it tbh. I’d still only give it like a 4 or 5 on a good day, but I think a zero was a bit of a stretch.

  20. Shawn Mitchell says:

    You gave this the same score as his older albums? That's crazy. So you saw no improvement in chance? That's funny how people saw a decline.

  21. Benjamin Tirone Nunes says:

    The Black Israelite subtext of damn is one of the biggest reasons I have an issue with that album.

  22. Dashie41 says:

    Chance The Crapper

  23. MovieMusicMania says:

    OOOO I love my wife, I love my wife AHHH

  24. DGF says:


  25. Principal Skinner says:

    Probably your worst review yet. This album was a complete mess and how you don't have Hot Shower as worst song is beyond my comprehension.

  26. zach reeder says:

    Finally someone who agrees with me lmao
    This is nowhere near as bad as folks are making it out to be.
    It's not perfect, it's way too long, and there are definitely some flops, but there is a lot of quality here.

  27. Connor Dalzin says:

    Let me get this straight? You gave The Big Day a 7 and Igor a 6? Wow

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