Cross Joint Music Studio Hotbox | Hotbox Everything

On this episode of Hotbox Everything we Hotboxed a Music Studio with a cross joint, twax joint, and a double barrel Hash Joint

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We Smoked Weed In A Music Studio | Hotbox Everything

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19 thoughts on “Cross Joint Music Studio Hotbox | Hotbox Everything”

  1. Quentin Meidinger says:

    That beat is also tech nine now it's on am I the only technician here

  2. Codys says:

    Best weed channel in my opinion

  3. Boiefromtheblock says:

    that spm beat tho

  4. afro killa says:

    Randy looks like a fat sack of potatoes st spitin look like evry seasme street charector strobey looks like a lemon with slits in it dablo looks like castro

  5. anotheraccount420 says:

    This is one of your best cyphers! you should do more studio hotboxes 😀 Congratulations on 100k btw

  6. Two Stoners says:

    Fucking make a rap song and be rappers

  7. Lexster says:

    Great video, can you guys make tutorials on edibles

  8. DC Heat says:

    Dablo so high he looks depressed the whole video

  9. Hazy Vibes says:

    BARSSS!! Ya'll went in. Keep doing what ya'll doing 🙂

  10. Joegrizzly says:

    is this a smoke sesh or a music video lol

  11. Too SiIent says:

    That nigga was slumped

  12. Kyle Studley says:

    Listen to Battle Area (Prod. By Fifty Vinc) by MuffnMan585 #np on #SoundCloud yoooooo ST if you get a chance check my shit out on SoundCloud! Stay Loaded Up!

  13. frank lucas says:

    Why would you smoke a cross sign

  14. Ivan Flow Ok says:

    Whats song?

  15. houston dope says:

    Who made the beat ????

  16. ThefatDumpBMX says:

    No one invited oops bitch ass

  17. Black Floyd says:

    Strobe has got some fuckin' pipes, some sweet vocals.

  18. Rodcliff Hall says:

    Waiting on the loaded up mixtape lmao

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