Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke

“Dad, don’t be mad…”

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Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke

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29 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke”

  1. Jon Kline says:

    Having 6 kids in my 60’s I just really love that bit. Really hits home. Dave has great delivery on his bits.

  2. Goblin Tacos88 says:

    Empty House That's Some Cold Shit!

  3. icoldschool says:

    U maybe old, but your jokes are for ever young… they gonna be for ever young…

  4. Alex Kuligowski says:


  5. John Whayne says:

    First part was…not funny.

  6. Des Tro says:

    is that Ed SHeeran in the front row to the right ?

  7. SKUM49 VILLAN says:

    Better than Carlin

  8. StripforPasto says:

    Add Me on Snapchat @postmanpacs. For all Bud, Wax, Edibles, etc shipped straight too your doorstep! Do It Now!

  9. Christine Dellamonaca says:

    Love him!

  10. Tony Decker says:

    dave is wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy funnier than kevin hart hands down

  11. Brian M says:

    in morgan freeman voice: "but not with the same vigor as when he was young, he and I both knew nothing was coming out"… man is the GOAT

  12. Zara Evander says:

    I miss Dave's old voice ("Killin Then Softly" era) it was so funny. It had a 1940s sound, see?

  13. white8 cracker says:

    Wtf this isnt dave chappelle, he doesnt look even remotly close. Nevermind his voice. And dont tell me this is just age cuz he was alredy a grown man when he went to africa. Real dave would never be in hollywood again

  14. jieqiang luo says:

    His son eatin' peanut butter and crack sandwich.

  15. D C says:

    “I see my age in my children.”

  16. Ron Wade says:

    Only Dave could get away with this material. Dave Chappelle for President!

  17. Juan Ping Del Toro says:

    I never give up! Lol

  18. astro ant says:

    daves voice is fucking up bad now from the cigs

  19. Be Still says:

    Do know when grandma prepared and seasoned that chichen a few days before cooking it… Can't get enough right?

  20. Dion Simms says:

    There’s nobody that can come close this this man right here Kevin hart please. Not even close……

  21. CITY RUNAZ says:


  22. Racket Tattoo says:

    so i guess this is where Lilly got her white hair vagina "joke". she stole a funny joke and yet butchered it somehow.

  23. tekesh says:

    He had to really check to see if people were laughing after the jerking off joke lol

  24. Joey Miller says:

    Too funny lmfao

  25. Ice Wallow says:

    Stand up comedy is shitty
    And calm tf down he is not doing heroin he is just smoking some trees

  26. zephaniah constantine says:

    Imagine a heckler…..

  27. Legal Weed Reviews says:

    Love you Dave!

  28. Mike Butcher says:

    As of today April 29th, 2020 there are 4,900 dislikes on this video. Fuck you, fuck every single one of you

  29. Jon Jonzz says:


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