Dilly Dally – Marijuana

“Marijuana” from Dilly Dally’s new album ‘Heaven’ out now!
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Video by Andrew Knives @AndrewKnives

Music by Dilly Dally

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43 thoughts on “Dilly Dally – Marijuana”

  1. HYVE MYND says:

    Oh shit

  2. Azshalia Shadow Priest says:

    Can you pleasecome to Cairns for a fund raiser for the hospital? Doesn't remind me of anything

  3. Cristhian Dutra says:

    Bicho, que músicão da porra!

  4. Nagham says:

    Dilly Dally song make me feel like I’m simultaneously floating and internally screaming

  5. occupynewparadigm says:

    This is special.

  6. Poisoned peanut butter says:

    Not "female" Nirvana, not the "female" Pixies. Stop that shit. It's Katie Monks, it's fucking DILLY DALLY.

  7. JT Ne says:

    This girl's so talented

  8. T R U T H says:

    Who else is stoned?

  9. Dave Connor says:

    found out about this band ten minutes ago and holy heck

  10. Zaponati Z says:

    I love you man

  11. Anthua Lemiux says:

    por favor vengan a Monterrey, Nuevo león, México

  12. david esparza says:

    Quien ahorita fumando marihuana

  13. Wesley alan says:


  14. Cypher Gaming says:

    this is so good

  15. October Black says:

    Excellent video!

  16. jasmine ツ says:

    why do ppl feel the need to compare female led bands to other male led bands saying its "the female version" of something else
    why cant it just be

  17. Døpii says:

    hermoso <3

  18. Jakob Ruthner says:

    So glad I could see you guys live in Vienna, Austria (and have a talk afterwards)! Definitly one of my highlights 2019 <3

  19. Dave sample says:

    Not good not doom

  20. Berry McCockinner says:

    This sounds horrible

  21. Caesar Black says:

    Just when I was about to give up on real music, I discovered this, & I'll be searching for more!

  22. Nallely Martínez says:

    I'm high listening this!

  23. Andy Sirois says:

    This is grunge as fuck! And I did not expect to hear something like this on the radio! Reminiscent of Hole, but a much more polished sound in my opinion, really excellent compositions.

  24. White Rock, B.C. Canada - Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship - Business Men's Life Stories says:

    May Jesus set you free before it destroys you, marijuana is a life wrecker, before you know it you'll be like a caged mouse on a running wheel, panicked and desperate for more, that's called addition, how beautiful to have a peaceful mind and to live free!

  25. Jess Medina says:

    Come to NM!!

  26. TyrantTitan says:

    I fcking love you

  27. Aurora Borealis says:

    She reminds me of Alice Glass from CC.

  28. Metallizombie says:

    Fuck I love this record. Some people think it’s too “doomy” but I don’t take a single issue with that.

  29. Chris Morales says:

    dayummm rocking fucking hard so sick thank you for this u guys rule

  30. Николай Медведев says:


  31. Adrian says:

    I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

  32. Banšhee says:

    Thanks fam

  33. dougdevine27 says:

    Holy f*ck!!! This is awesome!

  34. esme skye says:

    Do they have more songs like this?

  35. Celladoor says:

    Apathetic rage. These guys are intoxicating because underneath the apathy and rage is something beautiful that I can't really describe. I dare say something meaningful.

  36. Daddy's Day Off says:

    So underrated it makes me physically ill.

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