How Arkady Licensed His Marijuana Product

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Arkady Grigoryan lives in Los Angeles, California. He is a Vice
President at Century Auto, an auto broker where he has worked for 16
years. After becoming an inventRight student, he licensed his packaging invention for pre-rolled joints to a global
packaging company that recently entered the marijuana industry. Because
it concerns pre-rolled joints, he expects it to roll out to the two other major
markets for pre-rolls, which are cigars and cigarettes. The big benefits of his
invention are that it’s child resistant and allows a smoker to store what is
left of their joint in the same package.

Learn more about Arkady and his invention journey in this interview with his licensee, GPA Global:

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14 thoughts on “How Arkady Licensed His Marijuana Product”

  1. Jason Homer says:

    So stoked to borrow One Simple Idea from the Shoalwater library, came from Esperance, Western Australia.Thought I bought it off eBay but got the disc, will try again. Show & tell my friends. Helping them with their ideas to help me learn. One friend has a provisional from November on a dog exercise product. Helping him. He spent way too much on companies that r not helping like IR can. Don’t waste ur money on other companies. Will get the coaching program one day. IR is the best. I tell all my friends IR r the world leaders in education. I tell everyone.

  2. Sovern Euphame says:

    Mr. Key what does it takes to submit ideas to you? Or to work with your company? What would you recommend a product have as far as protection goes?

  3. Chef T! says:

    I SOOOOO needed this! I just submitted my product idea off to OXO Stephen! They sent me a confirmation email which stated to allow 6-8 weeks for them to test the product. I'm beyond excited right now!

    Thanks Stephen and Andrew!

  4. dronus says:

    Good idea, but someone who works in the business, I don't see this selling. Paraphernalia isn't a big seller. Good idea, hopefully this is legal to carry on you, I know in Washington state it would be illegal.

  5. Kara with a K says:

    I love your channel and I’m so excited to see a brand new video because I am a “product developer“ and don’t really know where to start but I think it’s fascinating at the option of licensing a product rather than venturing all of them so I appreciate your new videos

  6. Hooyahfish says:

    Wow! I’m about to file a provisional patent for a marijuana product also! What a coincidence.

    Google images is the best way to find out if your invention is already made.
    Do your homework.
    I saved $1,000 by finding the prior art myself.

    Also remember, there is a difference between infringement and patentability. I just found out my product won’t infringe on the prior art, but might not be patentable. So I redesigned my product to be even more different than the prior art. I hope that increases my chances of getting a patent.

  7. Brayton Bushby says:

    Way to persist Arkady. Persistence is the critical factor.

  8. Bradley Mitchell says:

    Dude, I wish I could of heard more from this conversation! Sounded awesome! Currently going through the process right now!

  9. Michael Woodward says:

    It's INCREDIBLY disappointing to see that drug paraphernalia is being promoted here. I thought the main goal of inventing was the betterment of society but you're promoting a drug that's become one more (growing) cancer on humanity. For those of you that are aware, marijuana is still federally illegal in the entire county because it's been know for decades to be a highly addictive, brain killing drug. Youth that consume it are six times more likely to drop out of school, three times more likely not to attend college, proven to reduce IQ, and is responsible for a huge increase in hospitalization of young children from accidental ingestion so why the hell is this device being celebrated? Just for the money?? I've heard that robbing banks is also very lucrative. Is it time for a video to promote the next safe-cracking device? …. or maybe an Opioid travel box? You can (should) do better!

  10. OFREI says:

    I'm in the Cannabis Space as well, and it's great to see my InventRight World now in my Cannabis World. Good luck Arkady with your product, and email me as I would love to carry your product on !!!! Seriously!

  11. Michelle Morrison says:

    Congratulations, Arkady! Great job with your responsible research to make sure it was child-resistant too!

  12. Matthew Lencioni says:

    I am a full time college student with an idea and prototype for a product, I want to make the leap into entrepreneurship, but I do not know where to begin. I have done some research and found a target market, but I do not know what steps to take to turn my prototype into a sell-able product.

  13. Luke Kowald says:

    Congratulations Arkady on licensing your product!

  14. Jack White says:

    Great in-depth interview.

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