Male Cannabis Time Lapse

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Lights –
Trellis net(3.5” squares)-
Grow tent- or
PPM pen-
Quiet low wattage Fan-
Carbon filter –

Calcium Nitrate
Epsom Salt-



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20 thoughts on “Male Cannabis Time Lapse”

  1. Jay b says:

    Sick male cheers

  2. positive vibes1917 says:

    Dope video bro!

  3. Woody says:

    Great little video.

  4. invaderceez says:

    What was the little bug at 8 sec mark

  5. frosty's Hybrid Genetics says:

    That's sick man cool video

  6. GG Fuego says:

    I heard the men that bust last are the best.

  7. Glen Marion says:

    Plants blowing a load in slow mo, that's my YouTube.

  8. Cody B says:

    Looks like green genes said it's an untreated outside plant. If this thing isn't infested with little winged bugs id be super surprised. No worries homies

  9. Jose Noway says:

    bug bug bug B gone at .10

  10. Aussie Bigbudz says:

    any idea what the bug is?

  11. Flashback FRG says:

    Canna porn

  12. MRDOSDID says:

    Before i saw all the commments i was like yesssssss GGs gonna do some breading. Mayby one day gg?

  13. DemonGrunt7 says:

    Ahhhh! Gives me nightmares!

  14. Fernando JJ says:

    Is this a weed porn?

  15. bryan madison says:

    How bout seed to flower that is what I’m looking for

  16. myFriendThatDRAWS says:

    After seeing the pods appear, how long is it before they start to open?

  17. georgee gee says:

    big ass thrips?

  18. Gabi Quiroga says:

    Name of the music?

  19. steve perry says:

    i just had to destroy 2 really big boys, herbicide..

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