MARG – Tropical Marijuana

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37 thoughts on “MARG – Tropical Marijuana”

  1. Kayla says:

    Obsessed with this song is an understatement. Absolutely in love with the beat/vibes

  2. Angel Arizmendi says:

    I went to yours and issas concert it was awesome

  3. ctrldims says:

    This song is so good

  4. TWT Music says:

    Amazing song and video! added to our video playlist and will be featured at

  5. Juliet Thompson says:


  6. Oda Ulvik says:

    what chords are you using? such a good song! its on repeat and im not getting tired of it

  7. pistachio says:

    So underrated

  8. Joe Winkler says:

    i have chills omg pissed

  9. Skyicee says:

    I love this song, it’s the perfect song for the summer.

  10. Daniela Ibarra says:

    I'll be there when you blow up.

  11. A G says:

    No entendí por qué se encuera.

  12. Sonoma Polder says:

    this is low-key so fucking beautiful

  13. piepvlieg says:

    Still my favourite song <3

  14. RhymerFilm says:


  15. It’s Phoebe says:

    I honestly love this so much

  16. •sKy• says:

    Twaimz told me about you, I love your music

  17. Lara Z says:

    on repeat.

  18. lizard king says:


  19. Kidd In Space says:

    This high won't go away. Baby, please don't stay.

  20. Kim Jungkook says:

    to aqui em 2019 pra falar que essa msc é muito boa.

  21. Little moon says:

    I saw u with issa

  22. maryrosenotrosemary says:

    came up on my spotify recommended.
    for once, you get it right! ugh.

  23. Maria Gabriela says:

    aaaii te amo

  24. Sara Marín says:

    This song is so so so so so amazing, I hope she gets far in life

  25. animal crackers in my thoup says:

    she performed this at the issa twaimz concert a while ago, so gorgeous ❤️

  26. TheGreatSpicyOne says:

    Why can I not find her anywhere on social media 🙁 I need updates

  27. Gary Sand says:

    Terrible voice!
    Just garbage!

  28. amaya says:

    try 0.75x. pretty good ik

  29. Mercedes Wacks says:

    I want to do a choreography to this lol

  30. leo kimberly says:


  31. pistachio says:

    I admire her so so much

  32. Stephen Enders says:

    Thinking there is the one is fixated demented concept. Lol

  33. Oliver Zwiebel says:

    This honestly deserves so much more recognition.

  34. Emily Cann says:

    Just found this song recently! Why isn’t it more popular?? So good, needs more recognition

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