14 thoughts on “Police officer smoking weed and changes his opinion on Marijuana”

  1. CC 96 420 says:

    Is this real

  2. covert spartan says:

    Is this fake?

  3. d n says:


  4. Gilles Goulet says:

    Lol that's funny shit right there. I don't think a cop would be smoking one in front of his work place but funny shit all together.

  5. Michelle Vasquez says:

    I keep thinking this is a comedy sketch, but I cannot find anything to support that it is fake.

  6. george manser says:

    this is a sketch people ffs

  7. savior john says:

    this is obviously not real.

  8. Stanio 69 says:

    ushaka pochna da kefi neshto da go eba v svinqta tapa

  9. kathy k says:

    It isnt real but nice .at the ending thats will Never das anyone

  10. Jay Fly Beatz says:

    See weed make you cool
    Donald need to smoke it on god

  11. Voel One says:

    I wish this was real.

  12. O Jamaicano says:

    Policinha ta mui loko kkkk

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