Schoolboy Q – Bet I Got Some Weed Lyrics (ON SCREEN)

Schoolboy Q – Bet I Got Some Weed Lyrics (ON SCREEN)
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26 thoughts on “Schoolboy Q – Bet I Got Some Weed Lyrics (ON SCREEN)”

  1. Nia Soul says:

    Bet I got some Weed 😉

  2. michiel pizza says:

    kendrick lamar brought me here.

  3. Adriana CA says:

    The only part I like is the chorous

  4. Bmw 328i says:

    Washington, USA. $100= 1/2ounce of Sour D

  5. Israel Diaz says:

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me what the sample for the beat is from at 4: 23

  6. joe razo says:

    Perfect smoking song

  7. Leswing Mejia says:

    $140 1/2 ounce , Miami

  8. Snake Movie Database - SMDB says:

    England £20 1/2 ounce 🙂

  9. Adam Notaro says:

    No its not

  10. YSL Drae TwoThree says:

    Who Got Some Weed? (Im Dead Serious Who Got Some Weed?)

  11. Cory Wendt says:

    $80 halfs, OREGANJ

  12. Chad Giacomelli says:

    haha bet i need mo weed

  13. bounceoz white says:

    I bet I got weed,  Mexican Skunk from el Valle!

  14. BUD LIT says:

    North east ct 200$ once medical homegrown

  15. Killa $krap says:

    From tha 509 N best believe that I got some weed I get player prices for oz's

  16. SirDeezier says:

    I swear i heard this beat in my dad's studio… Anyway i like this

  17. offchance says:

    ain't got no money…

  18. chris coronel says:

    If you dnt know anything just know I got sum weed (;

  19. judah unfuckwittable says:

    shit im outta weed time to get some cheese then soon you'll bet i got some weed

  20. Nico Martens says:

    Smoke a joint !

  21. Veyda _volleyball says:

    … I searched up "rather be"… took me here… uhhh

  22. Brandon Poe says:

    It's "Blowin' on that Jamaica my nigg its not a ting,"

  23. tay tay says:

    I love weed

  24. Goldii_ Locksss says:

    Sophomore shizzz

  25. Michelle R says:

    Me and moosa …

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