This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

Today me and the misses take another trip into the Desert and take a few rips with some beautiful scenery. Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Bizzo 13 says:

    How long have u and the misses been together yae love the outdoor vids stay stoney my friend!!

  2. Mercy says:

    Cheers for the upload mate, glad that the strikes have been sort of solved. Just one question though, how come your missus has light skin dots on her arms?

  3. Benniloco says:

    SWEET SPOT!!! SWEET SHOT!!! Gotta get up that way too soon!! Cheers Babys!!!

  4. dank clouds says:

    i get rezzy on my lips out of any piece as long as the bud is dry enough. but doesnt always happen. guess conditions gotta be right

  5. Loony Productions says:

    Awesome love it love you guyz. Miss's is the boss. Aloha fam unreal love fo life bleees!!!

  6. Loony Productions says:

    PS I get reson on my lips # resin on my lips

  7. MedTHC Ontario says:

    Great Vid Ya Farkin Stonah! Awesome seeing the misses in the videos! Blessings 2 Ya's!

  8. Teresa Cordero says:

    Good to see you Yae and the misses. You guys take care. Sending my love to both.❤

  9. James Houck says:

    It's good to see you again bro and nice you got to get out and enjoy nature, and I will keep smashing the s*** out of the like button

  10. Holden_ Watson says:

    What is your roommates channel

  11. Random misfit says:

    Much love to you guys. Great to see miss Em in a video again!

  12. Jack Simmons says:

    ur the fuckin king yae

  13. Lego Brick says:

    Hey buddy, hope you're good, tell the missus she's allowed to cough!

  14. MittyThaKiiD says:

    Watch out for snakes in the rocks fuuccckkk

  15. Time Keeper420 says:

    cheers ya sexy cu*t, nice 1 n a silicone bong would b good 2

  16. MrGziss says:

    Cheers,great idea..!

  17. Cookie Man says:

    This Halloween me And my friend's will be having a fat sesh

  18. heni rutherford says:

    yess g these vids are mean as….:)

  19. HOODIEvlogs says:

    Sup yae, just got home from out of state. My missus is out of training, and now has daily access to her phone so daily calls and texts during the evening. She's going to be gone for a month. We got married btw, I'll be moving with her in about a month so possibly moving to another country soon! Time will tell

  20. Tali Rose says:

    She’s cute!!

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