This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

It has been almost a year but today we bring back the iconic Australian powerbeug. Kick back, grab a sesh and lets sink some cones !!

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  1. Rompabillys says:

    My ghee

  2. WLG WLG says:

    Ma man!

    – Denzel Washington voice

  3. Mercy says:

    Damn i need to get my hands on a powerbeug, sucks about the strike but i reckon it'll be all good, we can wait for the videos.

  4. Random misfit says:

    Here’s cheers ya fresh kunt! I had a wake and bake, lunchtime bong, let’s get that trifecta my dude!

  5. RB says:


  6. Jack Dillon says:

    Loving these vids

  7. JyeJye says:

    Love u bro. U legit only have 90 views and a quarter of them are likes and comments. Love u bro keep on pushing

  8. F0LEY says:

    Keep making videos man you're doing great and really trusting yourself and your own ideas which is the key to success. Curious to know if you smoke spun cones?(weed+tobacco) Its all we know here in australia lol

  9. AG1 says:

    You should do a smoke room tour

  10. Faze Stonesy says:

    Fuck yeah bro smoking along in Aus!

  11. Dan Anderson says:

    Mad Respect my friend god bles you

  12. James Houck says:

    I missed your last video from Saturday but I'm going to make sure I go review it and give it a like and make sure to smash the s*** out of the like button good to see you brother

  13. Tom says:

    Yae bro. Love your stuff. You should review the MiteyBeug from Gatorbeug. Until then sorry about the strike bro. You're Legendary. Cheers you stoner.

  14. Jezi Kush says:

    Yaeeeeeee oneeee✊✊✊

  15. Grimm2K says:

    Just bought my powerbeug the other day, and I got it with the glass stem but idk how I feel about it, is it worth changing to a metel stem and just using a rugular cone piece?

  16. Jordan Zagar says:

    Yo is this the Powerbeug 1st or 2nd edition

  17. Mr. Green says:

    Aye fuck the haters remake the video and put it right back up that's what I'm talking about, cheers and keep it real dude

  18. MrGziss says:


  19. Teepa Hori-Keepa says:

    Wats ur nationality?

  20. Torta420 Pulpo says:

    Smoking like the old days…..

  21. The Great Canadian says:

    Been away on work just wanted to say Shibby!!!!!

  22. The Great Canadian says:

    I want one of those bongs

  23. Yae One says:

    This was a pre uploaded video I am still unable to upload and stream for a week. Have a safe weekend everyone

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