Snoop Dogg Asks Ty Dolla $ign 10 questions | GGN Classic

In this throwback from 2016, Snoop Dogg asks Ty Dolla $ign everything from his favorite pair of shoes of all time, to his favorite strain of weed. Check out the full video:



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32 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Asks Ty Dolla $ign 10 questions | GGN Classic”

  1. Tbird Jones says:

    Bet made the east coast's night thanks y'all

  2. Faiyaz Alam says:

    He about to do shadow clones

  3. d w says:

    Tell tyrese to drop a album

  4. d w says:

    Ok 3rd just took it to California mom but i think protective

  5. R. TIZZLE says:

    Bring the ggn back!!!

  6. Fábio Baptista says:

    Isso vai bombar 10 mil visualizações

  7. Fábio Baptista says:


  8. Mr. Nope says:

    Bring back ggn uncle snoop. We already seen all of these

  9. Belton81cougars says:

    What happened to ggn

  10. Proof Yang says:

    Bring GGN News back!!

  11. Gaby Pereira says:


  12. Андрей Трембач says:

    Аэростат… привет… вам как давно по законам ХАМУРАПИ, похож цвета король Джунглей… только у него на перекосяк шкура льва… Лет 20 запрещено курить было телеедущим…


    Nossa nossa

  14. Carlos Cordero says:

    thats what we wanna see uncle snoop in his highest

  15. who says:

    угараю. снуп это самое пиздатое шоу. особенно прогноз погоды.

  16. chris537a says:

    Bring back GGN!!!!

  17. ONE says:

    bring erykah badu pls

  18. GRAV says:

    We need the GGN back in our life. Come on unk..

  19. LaCresha outley says:

    Im ready to c some new ones snoop. Brang em bk

  20. Mr. Slappy says:

    YO SNOOP!! You have had bone on here bro and I respect that! BUT! You need to have ICP and Twiztid on this bitch with you bro the shaggy show was so badass bro, most may not know that you’re down with the clown, but real fans/family do know! Love you big dogg

  21. Mr. Slappy says:

    Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane
    It's the big dog y'all, fuckin' with the Insane
    Clowns, get down nigga, I represent the town
    Ay yo Violent J let's go half on this pound
    I stay gangsta like Vaughn, I dropped a bomb
    They call me Snoop Dogg and I can raise your arm
    So any MC that disagree with me
    Step up and watch your motherfuckin' ass meet defeat

  22. Mr. Slappy says:

    It's like everywhere I look, and everywhere I go
    Some bitch ass nigga tryin' to steal my flow
    But I don't pay em no attention
    Oh, should I mention?
    I'm all about the money and ridin' in cars with suspension
    Bouncin', bankin' up corners smokin' dough
    Smokin' that weed, hangin' out with my locs and folks
    Don't give a fuck about nothin' at all
    That's why I'm known to the world as big motherfuckin' Snoop Dogg

  23. Andrew Clark says:

    Snoop you my nigga come smoke a blunt in Adelaide Australia, I'll get you kronik

  24. Andrew Clark says:

    That's a promise

  25. Kevin Strand says:

    Snoop Dogg please we need Snoop News again!

  26. julia kiel says:

    Dank bruh

  27. Klipkon says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen on my life

  28. roger mcintire says:

    How many of y'all want snoop dogg 2020

  29. Ace Couto says:

    I want to see Gucci and dababy on ggn

  30. Limfo says:

    TY didnt pass the blunt

  31. Joseph Clark says:

    I got a question 4 u Snoopy-snoop! ! What's your favorite color!! LIGHT GREEN or PURPLE!¿?! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! !♧÷♧

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