Snoop’s First Time Smoking Weed & More Deleted Scenes | Martha & Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge

Catch up on these exclusive moments from Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge! Snoop takes a walk down memory lane and revisits the moment he first discovered his love of smoking marijuana. Plus, Snoop, Fergie and Toya Wright recall dishes their mothers and grandmothers made, and Jessie T. Usher remembers the one time he misbehaved as a child.

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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are going head to head in the kitchen on their Emmy-nominated cooking show. Joined by celebrity teammates and judges, the hosts battle it out for the Potluck Party Platter prize in themed culinary challenges, including a 4/20 munchies chowdown, a Father’s Day feast and a Friendsgiving face-off. With dinner guests like Matthew McConaughey, Tiffany Haddish, Octavia Spencer and Jimmy Kimmel, there’s never a dull moment at one of Martha and Snoop’s potluck parties.

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Snoop’s First Time Smoking Weed & More ‘Deleted Scene’ | Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge

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19 thoughts on “Snoop’s First Time Smoking Weed & More Deleted Scenes | Martha & Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge”

  1. Petty Princess says:

    Still cant get over the dynamics of these two together it shouldnt work but it just does

  2. Laverne Lackey says:

    Snoop Dogg I feel you on the tea cakes what a lot of people don't know about tea cakes, My Mother made them, they were oversized vanilla cookies 1 T cake you get full off of it, man with some coffee you better stop and tea.

  3. Amy Polzella says:

    On this show Martha is my mother… So Sweet!

  4. Frances Proctor says:

    Martha and Snoop are bringing the world together
    Looks like President and Bicr President to me
    .. just saying

  5. ROB HENRY says:

    you got bit by the roach lol lol

  6. Castle says:

    If 20 years ago you would say this 2 would have a show together, you would be in the Coockoo house

  7. Alexis Muñoz says:

    I'm 12 and my mom has taught me how to cook since when I was 7 and I have been learning and learning and now I can make tacos for a whole party of Mexicans

  8. Ree McLaughlin says:

    I adore Snoop. I felt that same feeling. Puffin since early 70’s. ✌️☮️

  9. Dorian Mayfield says:

    Hold up!!!! This is a great look these 2 together they have insane great chemistry Martha's a O.G. every time i watch Martha i draw closer & closer 2 her personality its so genuine i feel like if im working around her or 4 her and if i do exactly what she ask of me and give it 100% every time she would turn me into a success in some form are fashion thats what i see when i look at her. I see that she's a giver if you let her be. I would work 4 you 4 free Ms. Martha! Can i work 4 you on a internship level Ms. Martha?

  10. Leyat Reuben says:

    Can anyone tell me where snoops colourful necklace is from ??

  11. Lucky camacho papaleo says:

    Doesn't Snoop have any other story than smoking weed?? It's getting little bit old news. And wasn't it 2pac who introduced Snoop with his first smoke?

  12. Akeem says:

    I got an ass whooping like that except in the girls bathroom EAAAARLLLLY. In the morning. My mama dragged me in there and yelled to some girls get the Hell out i need this room.

  13. Donna Banks says:

    I don't know why the family experiences scenes were deleted. They were great!!!

  14. Night Mare says:

    I’m addicted to marijuana anyone who says they ain’t even is a fucking liar we are all addicted we can’t stop smoking and if you do you props to you but I can tell you one thing I quite smoking cigarettes the day I said I was done

  15. Milwaukee Brewers says:

    Snoop dogg shinning hard, he rarely does. Lets not forget snoops money is loooong.

  16. Omar Venzon says:

    People do not understand so called cannabis addiction… Some people smoke once and never smoke again in their lives because they know it is not for them… For others they realize after they first smoke that they were meant to connect with the plant…and some just smoke because every body else is doing it and they just trend hoppers

  17. Muneeb Iqbal says:

    Soo….. 1970sum

  18. uriel vazquez says:

    Martha taking that bbc

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