The World’s Strongest Marijuana

You’ve heard of Moon Rocks, but Martian Rocks will get you way higher.

Starring and edited by: Mike Wagstaffe
Director of Photography: Nate GC

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19 thoughts on “The World’s Strongest Marijuana”

  1. selassi says:

    wow mike wagstaffe you really are a scumbag piece of shit

  2. Noah Tapara says:

    Brisbane will be a beautiful State with Marijuana being legal. I'd visit every shop stoned out of oblivion. I'd play every mp3 available, and watch every movie blasted out of the sky. Thanks to all who just want to smoke weed, and grow top shelf bud.

  3. Allclass GamingTv says:

    so goood hahahaah 😀 Next gen i swear ^^

  4. Yo Fresher says:

    That's not all that natural they doing to much to the weed.

  5. DNA Duck says:

    Would u trip on this? XD

  6. Shaka Khan says:

    Either everyone was high while watching or we have a lot of cool kids here , obviously a joke you never die when smoking only the people around you

  7. TheAaronHolmberg says:

    Looks like a moldy patty from spongebob

  8. Steven Toerner says:

    So funny….brought tears to my eyes watching this video.

  9. Clifton Collins says:

    $299.99 a gram

  10. John Harrington says:

    that just seems like a waste…

  11. Gmz says:


  12. East Coast Cheifer says:

    Where can I buy them?

  13. rmrzoscar says:

    Man I'm high af

  14. MR no one says:

    hahah love it .

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