Upchurch Fire Man (Lil Wayne Remix) Reaction

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This is fire!!

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16 thoughts on “Upchurch Fire Man (Lil Wayne Remix) Reaction”

  1. Nodim says:

    Is it not sad that an independent country rapper shows more knowledge and respect for those who came before him than most if not all mainstream rappers.

  2. Misty Greaves says:

    This IS Fire!!!! The boy just doesn't stop. He is hawngry!

  3. Jason Bradley says:

    Yeah his girl is fine. That singing part is from fishin in the dark by nitty gritty dirt band.

  4. Paula Guardian says:

    There's a Johnny Cash song about the big train a comin down the track sounds like a train in the background..I hear the same sounds in this track

  5. Paula Guardian says:

    The lyrics pop with the beat.. it's unreal

  6. Paula Guardian says:

    It's all about the tunes tho bro and that's where I'm at it's all about that beats .

  7. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    Church my hero man I love some Lil Wayne and Church never disappoints he's on a tear right now he's study working and killing it I love it now I want to know your opinion and I really appreciate you and all your reactions.

  8. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    I don't think I even heard a remix of Lil Wayne stuff but like I said we going Old school.

  9. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    Never disappoints my hero

  10. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    Damn it really just think about it he's dropping a song every day at the moment and just really having fun with it just ask yourself what is he going to come with when he drops another album now I know what he's capable of doing Sam watching him since he hit the scene at 23 I'm 49 I watched a little Wayne's career unfold loving straight Southern boy and CHURCH is on a whold different level than anyone coming

  11. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    I have mad respect for for Church

  12. Terry Lynn Lawson says:

    Yeah I believe that song comes from the nitty gritty Dirt band

  13. Josh Lindsey says:

    I'ma start a reaction channel everybody else is

  14. Janice Phillips says:

    New sub here!

  15. Kenny Harris says:

    Subbed. #CreekSquad

  16. tarah wheat says:

    Upchurch never disappoints. Cheatam county is my favorite! But Who and Johnny cash are bangers too!

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