Wake N Bake (Smoking FAT BLUNTS)

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Smoking weed in high school days

you enjoy like and sub THANKS


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Erick khan
Trippy Kat

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14 thoughts on “Wake N Bake (Smoking FAT BLUNTS)”

  1. Christian Marquette says:

    Why y’all pass back and forth so damn fast lol chillllll

  2. Sxbrrツ says:

    keep doin your thang mann‼️

  3. Esteban Martinez says:

    Close calls for a video

  4. skunk - 420 says:

    yo 500 subs hot box?

  5. Just here. says:

    Nice bid

  6. P.A. Arrington says:

    Dude in yellow shirt takes the smallest hits

  7. Logan Charels says:

    Y’all are bunk

  8. Thomas Burns says:

    This is like watching me back when I was 18 and just started smoking.

  9. tha says:

    "ThEy PrInTeD ThE PaPeR" lookin ass

  10. Juliodapimp ! says:

    How do I get a message card

  11. Willy Cordova says:

    Y’all need to link your Instagram and snap alv wei

  12. Gerald Martinez says:

    How old are u guys

  13. Rip it homie says:

    Do you prefer rolling blunts or rolling joints

  14. 416 T dot says:

    You guys are gay

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