Weed Greed “Analog Eternity” (New Full Album) 2017

Weed Greed “Analog Eternity” (Full Album) 2017
Country: Spain / Genres: Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock
1. On the reef 00:00
2. Black bottom ritual 04:44
3. Rewind 10:59
4. Virtual sanity 16:38
5. Echoes 23:19
6. Mercury 28:58

Released 5th July 2017

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6 thoughts on “Weed Greed “Analog Eternity” (New Full Album) 2017”

  1. Keating Simons says:

    Yep. 2nd. But 1st to review. Floydy not death metal…..

  2. Shawn R says:

    Fuckin heavy mate

  3. carcharoth89 says:

    thanks, very nice
    all I needed after an exhausting day…

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