Weed Smokers Dream – Harlem Hamfats feat. Ham Fat Ham – 1936

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The Harlem Hamfats was a Chicago jazz band formed in 1936. Initially, they mainly provided backup music for jazz and blues singers, such as Johnny Temple, Rosetta Howard, and Frankie Jaxon for Decca Records,[1] but when their first record “Oh Red” became a hit, it secured them a Decca contract for fifty titles.[2] They launched a successful recording career performing danceable music.

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23 thoughts on “Weed Smokers Dream – Harlem Hamfats feat. Ham Fat Ham – 1936”

  1. Barry I. Grauman says:

    Recorded on October 2, 1936. Joe McCoy, the band's guitarist, is "Hamfoot Ham" on this side…

  2. tom kielty says:

    thank you so much

  3. Vanessa Mae says:


  4. Stefany Moreno says:


  5. Bob Jones says:

    Very sweet, thanks, I always like the Peggy Lee 'Why don't you do right', which I suspect was borrowed from this.

  6. Lisa Hickson says:

    @joehiggs100 Per Wikipedia, the composer of this song rewrote this song, creating the better known version "Why don't you do right" which was recorded in 1941. Peggy Lee then did her own version in 1942 with Benny Goodman.

  7. Billy Roues says:

    @munkykayse Lil Green recorded Why Don't You Do Right in 1941 with Big Bill Broonzy on guitar.

  8. kaglyn says:

    dat clarinet solo

  9. Iacopo Destefani says:

    its been used as soundtrack on an old anti-drug movie

  10. C Deen says:


  11. deniz alekov says:

    Супер са благодаря 🙂

  12. Ryan Burns says:

    Harlem Hamfats feat. Ham Fat Ham – 1936….. Artists had ridiculous names back then, serious tunes though

  13. frank gatley says:

    good job snoop doggie dog & nelly dont have ridiculous names jayzee now theres a normal name

  14. Paulina Marko says:

    is this blues or jazz?

  15. mickdel says:


  16. Kevin SG says:

    shitty music video. nothing MOVES. like you can't even see the woman is looking at. fuck my interests right?!

  17. Lisa Parris says:

    Does anyone know where the cover picture is from or who she is? I'm thinking Myrna Loy…

  18. The 1-Up_Triforce says:

    Am I the only one thinking this sounds alot like Jessica Rabbit's number in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  19. Home Slice says:

    Digging this man.

  20. KMA Music says:


  21. Voltaire Venerium says:

    Anyone else notice the two band names and wonder why everyone glorified ham? I love ham too but I wouldn’t name my band after it.

  22. Tommy Puga says:


  23. Regina Sotres says:

    Oh shit, here we go again
    Esta es la mejor canción

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