Week 5 through 7 Cannabis cultivation Documentary

This documentary Depicts the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of the activities shown within this video.

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22 thoughts on “Week 5 through 7 Cannabis cultivation Documentary”

  1. DJ Credits Fitness & Music says:

    I'm here because my favorite channel was shut down. You guys are bold. The bots are getting all tree channels

  2. Marissa A says:

    OMG thats what I have been waiting for!! Its like Christmas..lol lol..Thank you!

  3. Marissa A says:

    Yes the Runt!! Inwas gonna ask last night how it was..Grow baby grow

  4. rusty trichomes says:

    big up ya green thumb

  5. Vicious Gam3x says:

    Awwwwww man great video my freind…. U had me stuck like glue lol… Cheerz and much growlove

  6. Big Dee says:

    A fine job BigBrother… Do I recognize your voice … Are U the guy that ,,, grew that MONSTER PLANT ??? You are the " Cali Grean Giant " !!!!

  7. North 39 says:

    Until the wheels fall off…

  8. backsfx says:

    man everyone should boicut youtube

  9. xhiku unix says:

    really loved it.

  10. CallMeWoody says:

    Hey man why don't you buy feminized seeds ? Like that you won't get a surprise growing the plant

  11. Anthony DiBrino says:

    You should stream

  12. Malohasnow's tropical grow Tone' s Dank says:

    Keep going until the end. Others still have their channels running. It seems like they are targeting only the channels with lots of subs. Which doesn't make sense. Growers love

  13. Cannavince 909 says:

    Bro you save me so much google time. Keep going !

  14. Derek Hoyt's Music says:

    Shit that foxfarm ocean is great alone too.
    You definitely have like a radio-narrating kinda voice lol.
    You ever run autos ?

  15. Derek Hoyt's Music says:

    I wouldn't waste my time cloning a male plant bro.
    You plan on crossing strains ?

  16. D WhoDFreeman090 says:

    Keep the knowledge flowin tell they shut this mutha down. Respect good sir

  17. MistaCreepz says:

    Hey man if they take you down I just want you to know you inspired me to start growing. Just finished my second grow! Keep up the good work and I hope all you guys find a new place to upload content.

  18. 718 green says:

    Love it,PEACE true growers love

  19. Senor Gonzales says:

    Empty garden but switching to 12/12 flowering cycle?
    What a waste of time.
    Nothing to learn from this channel.

  20. Big Piet says:

    PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, FUCK JEWTUBE. Btw join vimeo, youtube is gonna fall just like youtube ans google.

  21. Jair Jerez says:

    Question ,so you clone males they not gonna grow out to be males to ??

  22. L MANDO420 says:

    Thumbs Up Cali Verde ..

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