When It's Between Her Or The Weed

If your loved one makes you choose between them or Mary Jane…it isn’t always an easy answer.

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22 thoughts on “When It's Between Her Or The Weed”

  1. Suraj Opinion is Never Better says:

    I think this girlfriend needs to smoke a joint and calm down.

  2. alex cali says:

    This channel is sooo accurate

  3. big meme says:

    Introverts versus extroverts

  4. Elias Knobeloch says:

    That ending tho

  5. Shike _ says:

    i want a stoner boyfriend

  6. Mike P says:

    check the like and unlike ratio to know what gender is watching this

  7. Mateo Dabs says:

    Sucubus. Trying to take away what little joy we have

  8. Ned Darden says:

    Weed or one girl….. Weed

  9. Edwin Pantaleon says:

    Not fucking happening

  10. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20 says:

    My girlfriend is a stoner too so I don’t have this problem

  11. Ethn says:

    I’d choose the girlfriend. I’d take busting a nut over smoking a bowl anyday

  12. Alex Trusk says:

    Ok honey give up booze then

  13. z s says:

    bruh if ur girl doesnt want u smoking weed u need a new gf hmu lmao

  14. Peter Griffin says:

    If she loves you then she wouldn’t ask you to do that

  15. Capitaine Missile says:

    that video hurt

  16. good_stuff says:

    I mean you shouldn't get those questions in the first place but you should also know when it's time to stop smoking every single day. If you are stoned all the time it's not that weird that your gf wants you to stop being a zombie xD

  17. Big Broccoli says:

    Well, I don't have a gf, but if I had to choose between my crush and weed, I'd choose her.
    I'm trying to quit weed anyway!

  18. Giant Dwarf says:

    That’s why you find a girl who likes weed.. simple

  19. Gabriela Cardona says:

    Fuck that bitch , no way in hell would I ever stop smoking weed for anyone .

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