19 thoughts on “Who’d try this?…”

  1. deeno69 says:

    Yoh that’s looks tastey

  2. kilos_of_kief says:

    Looks like one of my vids so yeah I would.

  3. willem.hunt says:

    @lukerobertson__ @luketrnka__

  4. stankyydankies says:

    Some stoners be bored as hell

  5. shirazdrugs says:

    @tattoomami cool

  6. weedblog.to says:

    Peace and Love from Canada

  7. ijustgamesohard says:

    That’s why I hate people…

  8. nike_ofgotze says:

    Deg @_vava17_

  9. itzyagirl_liyah says:

    Me all the way

  10. edwin_oomar says:

    That unhealthy foo

  11. xoashf says:


  12. miguelmota007 says:

    I take it chocolate syrup isn’t good for filtration… Try chocolate milk next time? Or warm honey

  13. lyd_ia says:


  14. scb050_ says:

    @stef19m wij

  15. weed.kush.dabs says:

    thats pretty dank

  16. gucci_shit_ says:


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