beginner WEED SMOKING TIPS! (blunt hotbox)

ty for watching! ily



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beginner WEED SMOKING TIPS! (blunt hotbox)
first time smoking weed + tips

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38 thoughts on “beginner WEED SMOKING TIPS! (blunt hotbox)”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    My first hit was a bong and almost died

  2. mileena khanum says:

    Why is he so cute tho

  3. Sweatylion says:

    Gay southern stoner with nice jawline and long hair and wtf this is crazy

  4. B Davis says:

    Deff could vibe with you bro. You're chill asf!

  5. Galxy_Wolf says:

    How are you not coufghing idk how to spell it

  6. hallie curatolo says:

    you look like Rick from Degrassi

  7. Kevin Cardenas says:

    Swishers are the best for rolling

  8. Itachi Uchiha says:

    If i smoke alone imma start panicking but when im with people i feel safe

  9. Isaiah Duplooy says:

    what's the name of the smellproof bag does anybody know?

  10. elias meinhart says:

    The first time I got high I hit a full gram cart and I couldn't feel my face for an hour

  11. Bella Hernandez says:

    When I become a famous stoner youtuber I wish to smoke w you

  12. The Mole Bowl says:

    what the fuck are you a women or man?

  13. Regine Murphy says:

    I love his voice

  14. Bod Taliro says:

    he is the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen

  15. Carson Davlin says:

    9 years old

  16. Bridget Cloud says:

    how does we still look normal after two years of smoking?! I've seen people that look awful when they have smoked for two years.

  17. HijackVegan says:

    can we monetize weed smoking videos ?

  18. Carlos Chavez says:

    I get high watching people smoke weed

  19. ariabtw ! says:

    i felt that when he said " this shit is unmatched". it really is yall lol

  20. Johan Yap says:

    Thought it's a gurrrl

  21. Synic says:

    I love sitting on the patio at night, smoking and looking at the stars

  22. iiroseboomer says:

    oH WAW he's a country boy, he got long hair, he has those 1900s glasses on and he smokes le blunts

  23. Trí Phạm says:

    Very nice hair bro

  24. Barley Halayahay says:

    how to do dat.

  25. Tux Cat says:

    You look swag and badass damn

  26. lassen raby says:

    I got to say I feel like joints are a little better

  27. William Means says:

    I'm 11 years old
    . Why am I even watching dis

  28. Kayy says:

    It’s the ghost inhales for me

  29. mike ox says:

    4:39 he blew a O

  30. Anabela Sousa says:

    You lowkey sound like joey from family guy

  31. Jimmy påkerson says:

    U gay or what

  32. lil Capo says:

    I smoke backwoods and bowls

  33. misa amane says:

    hey what kind of frames are ur glasses from?

  34. Mota69jota _miriganggg says:

    CoUnTrY bOy i LoVe YoU

  35. Dignity says:

    Better SkinCsre and mew glasses he could be a model frfr

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