Canada Legal Weed Unboxing from OCS

My online weed order has arrived! Canada Post attempted to deliver the box to my place on Monday but I wasn’t home to sign for the package. I picked it up yesterday and filmed this unboxing video of everything I received.

Ordering Weed in Ontario:
Canadian Cannabis Regulations:

Did you get your weed in the mail yet?


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43 thoughts on “Canada Legal Weed Unboxing from OCS”

  1. ᛟᛋᛗᛇᛏ ᚠᛖᚱᚺᛟᛖᚠ says:

    Waiting for national legalization of weed in America

  2. Big Cheese says:

    Fuck the government is stupid. Dumb Liberals. Black market for life.

  3. ifitscool says:

    Does anyone know if I can get it shipped to my work or a different location other than my house… I'm never there.

  4. Weed Canada411 says:

    Good video

  5. SporkCunt says:

    Meanwhile it’s the equivalent to meth in Kentucky

  6. Shiit Cockk says:

    Very smashable

  7. Alon Jak says:


  8. night bot says:

    Ok holy s*** but I'm stone when I just finished making weed bro

  9. Jamie Lipper/10K Subscribers with no videos? says:

    Did you do some before recording?

  10. čmeljo čmeljkovic says:

    Thats not how you open that kind of seal

  11. don wright adventures says:

    I was a victim of fraud from OCS. The advertising said between 14-24 and the underweight and second class bud was labeled 10 per cent. OCS would not refund my money or fix their error. This is all a scam. I did well for 40 years with out them and I don't intend to be ripped off with no recourse. My advice is to Stay away from liars, cheaters and theives.

  12. Fun Okief says:

    Bhudda haze looked like it had mold on it

  13. Yuu Otosaka says:

    That shit wouldn't last a week

  14. Just Cannabis says:

    Cool unboxing Christina, pocket test is a fun/practical idea 🙂

  15. Smile doge says:

    I get better packaging and better quality weed from my dealer.

  16. GeoHCA says:

    Instead of burning it, look into a dry herb vaporizer. Bit different affects but great for pain relief and gets you good and stoned without all that combustion.

  17. Dope Reviewz With Budz says:

    Great video! Did you have any issues with the B.E.C, given the voluntary recall and whatnot? Just watched and saw you had ordered it, so figured i'd ask.

  18. kitty 724 says:

    omg none of those containers seem child proof! lol i had containers that i needed to use leg strength to open- i've had to ask my husband for help occasionally and yet all these seem to have are air tight seals thats crazy

  19. Hazeos . says:

    Fuck i live in England and for now its illegal but me and my friends always manage too get by and that we have our own dealers..lucky you..

  20. Raza God says:

    That weed would last me a day and that’s if I’m makin it stretch

  21. CJDA 'S says:

    Was the Reflect pre roll a 1 gram? If so that's not too bad.

  22. Rafael R. says:

    Fun Fact: Here in Brazil "Beck" is a slang for "Cannabis cigarrette". XD

  23. Under Age smoker says:

    Me while watching the video: I can smell the weed from this video… OH SHIT MY BLUNT WENT OUT

  24. TheGearhead222 says:

    Yer a cute Canuck:)-John in Texas

  25. TheGearhead222 says:

    BTW, all of my relatives are from Canada, and my sis, who has dual citizenship, is a tenured prof. at U of Windsor:) Dad's side originally were Americans though. Canadians are very civilized people:)-John in Texas

  26. TheGearhead222 says:

    Great video! Forwarding to my sister in Canada:)-John

  27. strpwns800 says:

    looks like some reggos lmao

  28. gabe mapother says:

    ive watched a lot of videos on legalization in canada, and the majority of the product shown is very low thc and cbd percentages

  29. REM lag says:

    Hello, we can also spray the Cannabis legal (flowers, wax, hash, crystals)
    with a vaporizer of dry herbs, much less harmful, if you want to know more, click on the icon …

  30. Green Nightfall says:

    lol the cat is pretty fat xD

  31. m.o.e. mike says:

    I need to move to canada

  32. LONELY GOD says:

    Fuckin plastic

  33. LONELY GOD says:

    Is that a roll of film im confided

  34. Gideon Bempong says:

    Kinda impressive

  35. Lalalala Aahaha says:

    Sweet girl

  36. Not UrProblem says:

    so much plastic for 1 bud…… what the fuu

  37. Arnthor mittefternamnskadutaattgefani says:

    When i move to canada the prices and the amount of plastic better have dropped.

  38. PRIME GFX Free says:

    Do they ask for id at delivery?

  39. Tristan Duce says:

    The amount of Canadians who are complaining about packinging is appalling.. weed is finally legal but OF COURSE something isnt good enough for you. Y'all need to smoke your weed and relax

  40. JR Grande says:

    Qué pena tan mayorcica y virgen te vas a quedar… eso si bien pedo XD

  41. Mik says:

    you act like you dont know much of anything about weed

  42. silas adam says:

    Go too and only make your interaction e transfer during Vancouver buisness hours… I ordered 4 time and is amazing takes 4 days too receive in Manitoba and they only ship within Canada

  43. justin michael says:

    It’s air tight so the weed doesn’t dry out and you are buying shitty weed

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