I quit smoking weed and this is what happened

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42 thoughts on “I quit smoking weed and this is what happened”

  1. Cannabanoid Madrid says:

    @ Dakota of earth how can I get a shirt like the one you have? Some of my people that live of the land of grid in Mexico wear clothing like yours and wears colors like the ones behind you!

  2. VeganCarnivore says:

    has backwoods

  3. Luke Elliott says:

    I've just started smoking weed again at 31. I use it maybe twice a week before my yoga sessions and wow what an experience. Connecting with the body really is beautiful. It's completely changed my life for the better

  4. dimensionbreach says:

    For me, smoking makes me very productive. Likely due to my depression, but even just smoking a little erases the negative feelings or helps me work through it and I somehow find a way to enjoy doing mundane things I really don't want to do, and do them very well.

    I still try not to get too heavily into it, aside from those moments where I indulge for the sake of taking a mental vacation for a few hours. Less is more for me.

  5. Aleksander Gorczyk says:

    I can literally said that i hate weed as fuck, and i'm still smoking. Deal with it guys. Im waking up always sad because of puffs from day before. Today the next battle. ACID today, so im gonna meditate a lot and focus only on quitting this fucking trash plant.

  6. furious boi says:

    Nah ur high making this video hahaha and I can't live without weed

  7. Leandro Perez Hernandez says:

    This video didn't need to be over ten minutes

  8. Charlene Jackson says:

    yeah I trip out every night when i sleep, I just astral traveled last night and it was the most amazinggg travel I've encountered. Completely sober

  9. Raf 13 says:

    I am smoking now greeting from Egypt

  10. Raf 13 says:

    I quiet and I had bad dreams now I am smoking and not dreaming at all which is much better for my kind

  11. David Hopkins says:

    You fuggin quitter lol

  12. hi mom says:

    Everyone from Detroit knows your still picking up from Rutherford

  13. shroomySean says:

    everything in moderation brother…. respect the sacraments…. use will power to not over indulge… grow your own sacraments…. we are meant to achieve self sufficiency… my dreams become more intense when I go without for some time as well…. thoughts are like energy, if your mind is racing, to the point of anxiety "attack", then cannabis can reduce the thoughts, and the anxiety… you make me laugh… thanks for all the help… check out my other channel "enlighten servicing" I grow buds bro… been a medical home grower in Hawaii for 8 years…

  14. 0121_kronik_schmokah says:

    When I don’t smoke I get amazing dreams.. maybe cannabis allows us to perfect lucid dreaming when we don’t smoke as a fun way to enjoy not smoking.. it’s a rem rebound thing. Not smoking also makes me feel as high as smoking.. guess we’re permanently high now folks! Enjoy

  15. 0121_kronik_schmokah says:

    I’d like to see how 4 months off weed would be like.. I only take a week break or so

  16. Oasis says:

    bro i am exactly the same…. must be a side effect of psychs xD…. or something… lol

  17. Joe Crace says:

    My dreams become too real when i quit lmao. Every day I wake up with this crazy ass memories of a life lived in my dreams

  18. dylan foley says:

    people that say "weed only makes lazy people lazy" are usually verry unmindfull of their lives and thoughts its usually people that love weedso much they refuse to accept that something they love is proven by science to kill motivation by messing with our brains reward system by giving us dopamine for no actual reason… stoners need to stop thinking weed abuse is ok just because weed isnt dangerous ….

  19. dylan foley says:

    weed lowers concentration levels and cognitive capacity and kills taste buds .. so the "weed makes movies better and food tastier" is just addiction talking .. ex weed addict here … be honest with yourself guys weed can be verry addictive to some of us .. lets stop spreading lies that make people more addicted.

  20. dylan foley says:

    i feel shame in your voice at times when you beat youself up for being proud of yourelf… you should be .. even a week is alot when it comes to addiction . thanks for the honesty … i know the shame of feeling lazier than others and its hard to talk about i just wanted to ackgnowlege that brother

  21. Marsi says:

    Weed gives you a lesson, just to let go sometimes. U know the Problem is most ppl, start seeing the benefit of relaxing and letting go to much, and start to let go all the time, which ten leads, to difficulties in productivity in Life, work, friends, family and workinhg on yourself… but it's not really Weeds fault. i guess

  22. David Raymond LaPerriere says:

    Sugars have an iron grasp on me. I’m off drugs but helplessly addicted to sugars I need rehab.

  23. Kimbu İnsan says:

    Why dont you have any videos in Turkey? Great channel btw!

  24. //// says:

    2:44 i also love the sober times and i really love the high times , the balance between these two gives me a productive week and a chill weekend, love that combination

  25. Andrew Ruby says:

    I agree with you on the dreams, smoking weed does suppress dreams to an extent but I smoke all day everyday and still have crazy dreams once in awhile but If i dont smoke for a day or 2 i will have some insanely real and intense dreams more frequently

  26. iera says:

    I miss my dreams more than anything

  27. John Mitchelle says:

    Anytime you visit Shillong again, score from here, we got the fresh marijuana & it's the cheapest in the whole world here✌

  28. MuADMINS says:

    Everything u said is right and true and individually different ofcourse.

  29. seanygeemusic says:

    I used to smoke every night before bed. Overtime, I realized I don’t get dreams anymore. I had to stop smoking cannabis for a month so I can pass a drug test and those 30 days were CRAZY. Every night there was a dream and I was more energetic. I actually liked it a lot! So now I only smoke on the weekends doing 2 bowls tops. Its so nice.

  30. GetUpOnThis says:

    Lucid dreaming is only for those that are awaken

  31. SaveTheHumanz says:

    "Puffin the devils dick" will be what i call it till my death bed from now on

  32. Einzelganger says:

    Weed is a medicine so take it when you are ill and stop it after you get well.

  33. Daniel Khastou says:

    I love this man, his energy radiates through the screen. He doesnt talk at me, he talks to me.

  34. MrKrash says:

    I remember when I smoked weed I didn’t want to do anything and school wasn’t a priority, I was over weight and didn’t want to go out for walks and I always complained about my weight basically I was just all talk and saying I was going to loose weight but never did and ever since I stopped smoking I’ve been going out for walks and lost so much weight and stopped eating as much and I’ve been taking care of myself so much. Lsd and shrooms helped me see that as well but weed kinda stopped me from doing it even though I knew What I had to do I just didn’t have the strength because I was always high. I’ve been clean for almost a year now and I feel amazing

  35. Leo Gallagher says:


  36. caio says:

    I noticed the pattern with quitting weed for a while and vivid dreams too!

  37. Dimethyl Tryptamine says:

    Weird because my dreams get more intense with Edibles. I take Edibles nearly every day rather than smoking, when I try to go without it, I get fucking miserable, so I must have some sort of physical addiction or psychological addiction or something. It's particularly hard right now during this pandemic shit. Exercise is the best distraction for me, I exercise everyday but I can only spend so much time exercising each day. I also tend to be a person of habit. I'm trying to cut down on my consumption of it though.

  38. lebroucke says:

    JIu-jitsu is a very cool community and anywhere you go I'm sure people are going to be more than happy to let you roll with them so no excuse hehe

  39. siro says:

    It takes time for the munchies to develope

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