19 thoughts on “It’s all in the pour #alwaysdewaxed Tag a friend Follow @loadedupvideo @load…”

  1. sovieirasouza says:


  2. ocddabber says:

    Damn Love That color!!!!

  3. hntr2017 says:

    Ahhhhh….makes sense…live rosin..essentislly taking a fresh plant freezing it and extracting verse pressing with heat after the buds been cured

  4. michaelcard27 says:

    What is it exactly..? Dab? What is dab I’m old school n don’t blaze much anymore but kinda interesting

  5. nlfta says:


  6. stoned_y_alone says:

    Daaaamn like some fresh topping for creme brulee

  7. ctcannabis says:

    Dope! Follow us! @ctcannabis

  8. hempnation420 says:

    That looks soo tasty…..go follow my page

  9. purereleafca says:

    loadedupvideo Chill page and also photos! =P

  10. ram2sick_ says:


  11. greganomix says:

    The #colour is #amazing

  12. loadedupvideo says:

    @tiffanymeyersofficial StayLoadedUp

  13. curtisjb98 says:

    @erick8669 bones- IAmCertainlyNotWorthYourTime

  14. xbramble says:

    @bobthebakedpotato Ur Baked again bob…..

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