I've never smoked the kind of weed they got in Denver | Dropping In #10

Denver is the Marijuana capital of the U.S. but since when did weed fix broken bones?

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23 thoughts on “I've never smoked the kind of weed they got in Denver | Dropping In #10”

  1. cory mergo says:

    That where I graduated from high school hahaha

  2. Adam Barnhart says:

    This dude is lame AF…Colorado weed is average at best.

  3. Idle Wolf says:

    Couldn't find a comment on how they mispronounce amphitheater and the misconception they have about it… Remarkable

  4. Tracy Carpenter says:

    Wow, drew is missing out on the naturally occurring world lmao. Next time you're in Denver, I suggest Estes Park to visit. Lots to do in that area. The Stanley Hotel is there also, just a bonus lol.

  5. Nathanial Martin says:

    Schulz doesn’t understand tectonic plates?

  6. Dumbass Pyro says:

    Yo this aris shit

  7. Barklikeadog says:

    How stupid is this guy?

  8. Luke Flanagan says:

    the best video on youtube

  9. Eunize Milante says:

    i'm amazed at how amazed he is at nature.

  10. De Prins Van Mokum says:

    “These cars look like they’re gonna race. But they’re not. They’re just waiting for the light.”


    He's Faaaaaaaaaaahked

  12. Keith R says:

    Most of colorado weed is trash. High majority of it smells like grass, pine trees, or both. Goto Cali and half the stores are only high end…. None of it smells like pine/grass. Then cheaper to boot without a sale.

  13. Flavia Dragoș says:

    Look at that kite go :)))))) #visitRomania

  14. Eric Johnson says:

    @ 7:58 TRAVELING!!!

    Blueberry Nilla Tour '19

  15. Eric Johnson says:

    "I feel like your pussy smells like a bowling alley. STRIKE!!!"
    Christ…I couldn't stop laughing

  16. Van Avakian says:

    `Oh man I died!! all the eating scenes got me real good.

  17. DR. ROZZ says:

    Denver ain’t got shit for weed like Cali I’ve smoked Colorado bud an it ain’t shit compared to the weed here y’all big buggin

  18. HλViik says:

    Can we just get videos of high Andrew eating snacks. At least east you'll always have that idea to fall back on if the sensitivity culture ever takes you out man

  19. larsmonsen88 says:

    5:47 hahahahahaha

  20. Soul Shop Stendaal says:

    Look at this mofo smiling like crazy lmao hahahaha

  21. InsertInsultHere says:

    Actually California is the weed capital of the U.S.

  22. jack denham says:

    Any Denver folks know the dispensary he was at??

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