Stand Up, Weed Farms And The Highest I’ve Ever Been In Denver | Dropping In #37

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What up people. Denver is an incredible city that has some weird laws. We visited a weed farm, got crazy munchies, visited the Denver Nuggets, did some stand up and more. INDULGE!!!

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30 thoughts on “Stand Up, Weed Farms And The Highest I’ve Ever Been In Denver | Dropping In #37”

  1. Joski 360 says:

    That dog chick was low key sexy

  2. Alfred Aloushy says:

    i'm high and my trip just got better.

  3. Will Low says:

    His laugh sounds like a nervous see lions suckin a slippery dick. Lmao

  4. joey4track says:

    This time it was Alex giving me the best laugh, doing his best impression of Dave Chappelle doing his impression of Prince

  5. Swaraj Nayse says:

    Fuck that trimmer I need that sick pink t-shirt bro

  6. whoIszHector _ says:

    I went Saturday night to see drew in Denver & he killed it. He set the bar high for comedy shows imo

  7. D davis says:

    7:16 most new york shit ever

  8. Primus B says:

    8:55 you are welcome

  9. q perry says:

    Andrew going hard for the advertisement, and when said opener I was like Gaaaayyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MrWelchsTV says:

    Ok Alexx I See You With The Dunk

  11. Cole Wildenhus says:

    Omg hilarious, Vietnamese BBQ! Wild shit

  12. The Joy says:

    Can someone explain the straw and cell phone joke?

    Local jokes I guess…

  13. MrGreenAKAguci00 says:

    WTF? That ad?


    That Gym clip was too funny. Alex got hops!

  15. Torrey Thompson says:

    Bro Andrew don’t have some real jokes lol he always cappin on the audience

  16. LouH says:


  17. SOGFLY1 says:

    80 percent of the Denver crowd was high

  18. Ben says:

    He looks like Waluigi from Mario Kart

  19. Abhigyan Saha says:

    6:30 Smoke Everywhere by Nomadic XXL. Hit that bong and blast that on the sub woofer

  20. Jason A says:

    Manscape those armpits too

  21. Jamison Johnston says:

    metoo much? Hahahahaha

  22. Aaron King says:

    Just use the code Schulz and got my 20% off. I paid $60 for the 74.99 package plus 4.99 in tax.

    My balls bout to be on fleeks!

  23. Charles C Einstein says:

    6:10 this man is looking like Waluigi

  24. Alejandro Pugh says:

    This way by far my favorite Shultz and Alex Media video lmao

  25. BroseGoes says:

    Andrew in a weed farm equates to a fat kid in a candy store

  26. Jacob Kowalczyk says:

    great editing by alex

  27. david quang says:

    Earth is flat

  28. Swaggy Draco says:

    Can I be your opener? 😉

  29. Carlo Escano says:

    Big dick energy

  30. The Andrew Schulz says:

    20% OFF MANSCAPED + Free Shipping with code SCHULZ at

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