Lamar Odom Credits Cannabis for Being ‘Walking Miracle’ Following Overdose

After a 2015 trip to a Nevada brothel left him unconscious and recovering from multiple strokes, former NBA star Lamar Odom says he’s turned to cannabis to aid in his recovery efforts.

“Marijuana has helped, especially with my stroke,” Odom recently told People magazine. “With my coordination, my balance, and my overall physical attributes—all my doctors say I’m a walking miracle. I think marijuana attributed to that.”

Friday, Odom made an appearance at the Sunrise Caregiver Foundation in Torrance, California to promote his cannabis line, Rich Soil Organics.

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21 thoughts on “Lamar Odom Credits Cannabis for Being ‘Walking Miracle’ Following Overdose”

  1. fuck MAGAts says:

    Yeah u prolly got anxiety disorder from smoking weed i am anxious as fuck because of weed but it's not a disorder it's because I smoke everyday

  2. RaRe CamZz says:

    Lamar scrotum

  3. BoBiggHHB 3 says:

    @ 1:02 I remember that night. Kobe's last game when he hit the Jazz for 60. He deadass lit up when he saw Odom up and walking after the game. He was really glad to see him

  4. I’m crying in a corner While i count my money says:

    Medical marijuana that shit does nothing you
    He must be smoking a shit load
    trying to feel something

  5. Wonder Woman says:

    Im glad he's better……

  6. Tyrone Parra says:

    He never cheated on Khloe tho

  7. MoeMoneyrunstheWORLD says:

    All i wanna be is El Chapo

  8. I b says:

    I Thought This Was Virgil Abloh!

  9. Blair Duffy says:

    that right. weed get out drug. you want smoke crack you smoke a joint instead. poof the want smoke rock goes away.

  10. KenSile Longway says:

    Started smoking weed and actin like a regular guy, that other shit ain’t for us

  11. Paul Rowlston says:

    Hey there! Awesome Channel you have. I am currently hiking across the whole of Spain for charity aand would love you to check out my clips and even subscribe. I dropped you a like in this video additionally 😛

  12. LORDFROMUDD says:

    Way to bounce back with more drugs

  13. Shaun Riley says:

    Mr. Crack

  14. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie says:

    Khloe cheated on him

  15. Where's my money says:

    I'm a show my mom this LMAO

  16. NOT Christian says:

    I thought he was ded tbh

  17. Mohammad N says:

    I'm not hating on Lamar Odom in any way but this video is really stupid, this guy credits how a drug has helped him against drugs? That's like saying one gang helped you and then another gang helped you even more, it doesn't matter both are bad and both are bound to fuck up your life.

  18. Daka Productions says:

    I didn’t think it could get worse than Frazier. Holy fuck who is this guy??

  19. Crazy_J13 says:

    Real shit, I thought it was young jeezy in the thumbnail

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