Marijuana LYRICS video – Shamoon Ismail

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Shamoon Ismail is definitely an underrated, talented Pakistani singer.
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16 thoughts on “Marijuana LYRICS video – Shamoon Ismail”

  1. Munafrq says:

    He says tu chal or tu jive marijuana?

  2. Akshat Bakshi says:

    Luv frm india

  3. Shashank Iyer says:

    Behad underrated

  4. Dr. Bill says:

    You are doing such a great job at your channel, keep doing it man ❤️

  5. tushar bhanot says:

    Seriously….too underrated…..It's one of the best 3a.m. song I have heard……


    This song is enchanted. Every time I play it on my speakers, a blunt magically appears in my hand.

  7. danish raza says:

    Pure Art

  8. Vic Ali Official says:

    Could you put up my song on your channel?

  9. Ghazanfar Ali says:


  10. Zeeshan Haider says:

    Tu hai meri Marijuana. Jalay saara zamana.

  11. Wandering Soul says:

    We need more weed songs like that. Cannabis for all. ♥️

  12. jyotsna CHAUHAN says:

    Bhai video song banake dalo

  13. Tiyas Sahu says:

    Quit smoking a year ago, can't stop coming back here.

  14. aman chugh says:

    Hey can someone please help me with the language ? Kinda weak in Punjabi .
    Really want to know, this tracks a vibe !!!!

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